Andrew Von Sonn


Mayflower Unlimited publishes books designed to aid you in realizing your intrinsic Right to Liberty and how it applies to your life right now. Our aim is to inform, entertain, and inspire.

Andrew Von Sonn wrote and illustrated the three books described below. Just prior to his (unexpected) passing in October 2015, he had just completed a new book that will be published posthumously. After his passing, all of Mayflower Unlimited's inventory was carefully placed in storage with plans to make it available again the future.

Please contact us for more information or to be informed when Andrew Von Sonn's products are made available again, including the new book he completed just prior to his passing.

The Money RebellionThe Money Rebellion (Click the link or book image for more information.)

The Money Rebellion is a satirical look at money and taxes. It's about an alternative computer banking system that challenges the status quo and the powers that be. Its purpose is to communicate a conceptual picture of "money" and "money systems," and offer some possible future alternatives. It's also filled with plenty of cartoons and laughs. 52 pages.

$12.95 paperback edition (plus shipping, no handling fee).

If Not Now, When?If Not Now, When? (Click the link or book image for more information.)

Filled w/cartoons and words about life, identity, perspective, and our current monetary system.

Using gentle satire, Andrew Von Sonn holds a mirror to personal alienation, cookie-cutter lives, and the rat race mentality. He beckons us to explore our real lives by delving into a sense of absurdity. Using this absurdity, we can break down our self-limiting paradigm and embrace what is real and true. 80 pages.

$14.95 paperback edition (plus shipping, no handling fee).

The Kindle edition for Kindle, iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, PC and Mac is available from for $6.95.

Cops 'N DopersCops 'N Dopers
   (A People's Guide to the 4th Amendment or How to Avoid a Bust!)

English and Spanish, side-by-side. Uses cartoons and a game format to help you know your rights and protect yourself. Reviewed in Playboy and High Times.

Cops 'N Dopers is fun, informative, and has some really cool art.

Visit (opens in a new tab or window) for more information.

$15.95 paperback edition (plus shipping, no handling fee).